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John Cronk vs. Donnie Liles

Rex Payne vs. Chris Cisneros


I did the color commentary with Bumpy Johnson. It was the first time I ever did color and it was harder than I ever thought.



Nice. I met Liles after his fight with Gassaway. He seemed liked a solid guy.

TTT for Bumpy Johnsons

I can't believe Cisneros is still fighting. Good for him.
From reverse triangle:

"Working the rbubber guard"


LOL. must have been first time announcing nerves

TTT for Bumpy

Yes I was nervous... I will try to improve next time. It was the first time Bumpy and I worked together on something like this and I think we will get better as time goes on. It actually pretty hard to think of things to say on the fly.

Oh and TTT for Bumpy!