watch Jermain Taylor last night?

I couldn't watch it. I know he knocked him out in the first round, but I heard the actual KO punch was questionable.

anyone watch?

i saw all 55 seconds of it.
you did not miss anything.

Could call it questionable, but i think
it was more that his opponent had not
fouhgt for 12-18 months and just could
not take a punch. He also hit his head
weird on the lowest rope on the way down
which likely did not help much.
he "seemed" okay after th fight though.

certainly time to give taylor some better

write up on the fight

Rios spent the night in the hospital that night. I'd say the punch was legit.

Jermain will be fighting Darrell Coley in March here in Arkansas. Coley's a blown up welterweight that was stopped by Oscar 4 years ago.

i don't think it was as much the shot to the head as it was the hook to the body and then the shot to the had.

i don't think it was as much the shot to the head as it was the hook to the body and then the shot to the had.

Vargas fought Thompson before he fought Tito Gator, and the only reason that fight happened is because Thompson was somehow recognized as the no. 1 contender by the WBC.

And this will be Taylor's 20th pro fight.

Hopkinshater, you from Arkansas? Will JT's fight be in AllTel again?

For a funny, yet off topic story, I fought a kickboxing match at the Statehouse Convention center the night after Taylor's fight at the Alltel this summer. I go to a small, gossip-friendly school, so the story went from the truth, to people thinking I fought in the same arena as JT, to people thinking I fought on the undercard. I'm just waiting for someone to ask me about "that time you fought Jermain Taylor" lol

Joey, yep born and raised in southeast arkansas.

Glad to know we have another fight fan around these parts. I thought me and Jeff Young from where the only one's left.

I wish I would have known that there was a kickboxing card in the Statehouse the next night, I definately would have been there.

It was an amateur kickboxing/mma show. Danny Dring is the promoter, they do one every few months. I lost a split decision, but every one else from my school won lol But it was only my first fight and I learned a ton so I can't feel too bad about it.

I'll try to let everyone know the next time he puts on a show so you or anyone else who's interested can get a chance to see it.