WATCH: Martial arts 'Grandmaster' clowns a kickboxer in an old school dojo challenge

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Grandmaster was about ready for MMA back in ‘87.

Flipping that dude around like he was made out of cardboard.

I’m not saying the grandmaster wasn’t all that… but the clear size advantage had to help a lot


He would have wrecked Royce in UFC 1…

Looked like a shitty JKD guy.

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@Kirik - this is embarrassing. Don’t you want to drive people to the site?

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yep, the retarded straight lead off his dominant hand is a dead give-away. Kickboxer my ass, he couldn’t have defeated the average milf at a tae bo class.


JKD tards are so gormless they won’t have enough sense to be ashamed or embarrassed.