WATCH: Sean Strickland taunts PFL champion in sparring ahead of UFC 268 return

Watch as Strickland and Emiliano Sordi go toe-to-toe in a recent sparring session.

Sean is a good guy. He goes hard. It’s not a secret and so peeps that go with Sean know what’s up.


Not good over the long run but sometimes, the juices are flowing and the other guy is willing…


This is how Sean has sparred for the last decade lol. There used to be a code among fighters “what happens in training stays in the training room”. But this video wasn’t a bad look for even guy. Imo


Sean is not a good guy…

I love a bad boy (that’s what she said), but he is mentally unstable.
I despise Rockhold, that said I’m rooting for Rockhold for the first time in his pro career…

And Strickland’s attitude and comments are not just to hype his career push, he is a straight out psychopath.
He wants to kill an opponent in the cage… Nope

Imma just bleed guy but I never thought I be rooting for big ol’ banana :banana: dick L Cockhold


I wish Orlando Sanchez did snap his arm…

I’ve known Sean since he was a kid. He has always been respectful to me and cool with me.

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I respect that…
Maybe I’m biased as he beat a old friend of mine in his UFC debut

You should hear this shit he says while he corners people, hes hilarious

Btw, I thought Sean was training at RVCA until he saw Luke there so he could get him in the parking lot


Sean is like a nomad and seems to train at every gym or get kicked out and told not to come back idk

Yeah I have no problem with this- non news. He isn’t “taunting” anyone, he is trying to bring the best outta himself and his teammate. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fucking pussy.

It’s coaching.

Did bloody elbow drop this article?


I’d like to offer you a contract…

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Fixed for ya :slight_smile:

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