WATCH: Security guard with nasty boxing skills lays waste to would-be attackers

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Website keeps logging me out

In for @Vegito_Blue and @RyannVonDoom response to this,

both made the claim that Boxers are not real fighters.

they were all running at him face first

Good to see people are still recording video directly on VHS.

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The solid Boxing skills (footwork, handspeed etc) were more effective here than a leg kick or spinning back fist.

This video is older than the internet


I repeat…. @Kirik and @Chris

Why is this poster called a content provider and @Hong_Kong_Phooey is not one?

At least phooey brings fresh content from this decade.



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Cracking Up Lol GIF by Rodney Dangerfield

The Roaring ‘20’s called

They said this clip is old

To them


Waiting for your video showing how foot stomps made you a ‘real’ fighter on the streets!

Hold that breathe, bitch.

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this security guard has nothing on that ginger on the stairs.

This faggot joined in January…not even a year.

He’s no content contributor. He’s not even a contributor. He’s an intern.

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Don’t worry. @Kirik is on the case. He is not happy with the output of the forum staff. He will make all things right.