Watch SFL 20 on the UG

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                                Watch SFL 20 on the UG

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                    <p>Rather than the live streamed Friday morning card, India's Super Fight League is releasing a four-fight card Friday afternoon, via YouTube.</p>

SFL 20
Narender Grewal vs. Tiran
Vishal Singh vs. Amit Raj Kumar
Jason Ramesh Solomon vs. Mukesh Gora
Nikhil Bahtt vs. Amitesh Chaubey

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Reed Rothchild - Mistake Phone Post 3.0


From what I can tell this was recorded on August 3rd. They taped two SFL events in one night. The next one will be released next week.

Is the show really that unpopular that they're trying to get 2 for 1's? I 100% enjoy all of their events and have seen all of their events so far.

I was expecting more snake charmers and slurpees. I am disappoint.

Did anyone else notice that all the guys who won trained with SFL, and the guys they fought against all seemed out of shape, and didnt really train with a notable camp. The last guy who fought Neander just kind of gave up even though he never really got hit cleanly. I think SFL might be doing something fishy, trying to pad their guys records with some nobodies.

The SFL is just awful. If they paid me to watch i might consider it. If it wasnt on a weekend. Phone Post