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Was this on the other day too or is this a different one? Who's on the card?

This is the second DVD I've added this week. A bunch more are on the way! Email me if you want your show broadcasted for free -

1 John Mierzwa VS Cedric Johnson

2 Danny Rawlings VS Matt Horning

3 Travis Padgett VS Seguey Daniltchenko

4 Franz Mendez VS Patrick Assalone

5 Matt Rogers VS Eli Ayars

6 Tony Vartanian VS Stuart Hasselmeyer

7 Wald Bloise VS Chris Myers

8 Tom Sauer VS Crofton Wallace

9 Edson Diniz VS Shaun Gay

It's a different one attjack. I need to start adding the lineup to the original post!

Many thanks.


I'm doing the commentating on this one. I didn't find out I was commentating until the day before so don't laugh at me LOL

subwhitebelt: Yelm had the mullett thing going on - I got the hippy thing going on. It's long all the way around LOL I used to play in a death metal band (before MMA took all my attention) and I've kept my hair long ever since then.

ttt for free stuff


Any word on footage from WEFC 1 yet??


Mike Nelson

That is really cool of you guys to show an event on here. It gets publicity for your fighters and lets fans see more of there favorite sport. Other shows should take notice. Great Job!!

Hey Mike, I apologize but I still don't have the footage from that yet. I want it bad as one of my friends also fought in that show. I have around 10 WEF/RSF masters now and all will be played on and they'll also be released on DVD eventually. Hopefully I'll have all of them soon!!!

Thanks xytrack. I hope to provide a lot of exposure for the fighters and the sport by allowing people to watch these shows for free. The bandwidth is hella expensive but thanks to many, many MMA sites that I host with I can provide this service for free.

You know, I think a bunch of amateur events should show their events on The fighters aren't getting any money so at least let people see them fight!

ttt for johnny walls

He stole french fries from my Happy Meal one time LOL

I would like to see Tony fight again soon. I love the intensity he brings to the cage.

One last time to the top

How do I get the thing to work - I keep getting this error message;

Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the specified protocol is not supported. In the Open URL dialog, try opening the file using a different transport protocol (for example, "http:" or "rtsp:").

BigDiesel3x: You must be at work. That sounds like a good firewall with the streaming media ports blocked.

It was May 10th of 2003 in Jacksonville FL.