WATCH: UFC fighter Kevin Holland clowns idiotic troll who claimed he could submit him

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LOL!!! The way Holland slaps the shit out of his belly while he’s getting up. That’s some big brother shit.


Haha enjoyable

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I don’t think people know the definition of “troll.”

He’s not a troll if he believes it. He’s not talking shit just to rile things up. He actually believed he could submit him.

He’s not trolling. He’s an actual idiot.


Perfectly said. Delusions of grandeur are a real thing.


I’d like to see him beat a heavy weight troll. This guy was weak as fuck


How is the guy an idiot? He thought he could submit him. Who cares? If anything Kevin looks like an asshole here.

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This reminds me of Joe Rogan vs. Myspace Challenger


Your second sentence answered your first sentence.


I really miss MySpace.


I think we found the “challenger”.


Amen, BUSTED!!!

So fucking good. Casual- get the fuck outta here

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How fucking small is that guy that rogans able to get his midget legs around him for a body triangle?!

Yeah it’s been a minute but I remember that Rogan video being kinda fucked up. He’s just mauling that little dude.

Mauling him in BJJ, I think the guy lived

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Always great to see pro fighters prove how tough they are by beating up the mentally challenged.

You deducted and assessed a lot from a 15 second video.

People see a professional having problems with another professional and think hey, I dont have those problems play fighting with my dog, I can take them easy.

Nobody can take me down as easy as Kevin falls down!

Then they discover this thing called LEVELS and another thing called ATHLETICISM.

For most after this reality will set in. For some they think Man, Kevin the pro fighter BARELY stopped me!

I blame @Chris

No reason, just seems like it’s his fault


Are we gonna pretend Mike Perry and Diego Sanchez arent mentally challenged?

Why stop at them?

I wanna see Brock F5 12 year old downs kids until he cant lift his arms and they eventually overwhelm him.

Retarded 15 year old boys against Valentina. Can they get it in? Roll the tape.

How about cerebral palsy kids vs 155ers but the palsy kids have stun guns mounted on their wheel chairs.

What about that two headed chick, if one side gets knocked out can the other side survive an armbar?

Rome is burning lets have some fun motherfuckers we are all on borrowed time.

devil may cry v GIF