Watch UFC in London?

I am in London during tonights UFC.

Anyone know of any places that broadcast it live or replay it the following night instead of airing it at 3am?

I am in Mayfair near Picadilly and Hyde Park.

It's on tomorrow, Sunday the 4th at 9pm on Bravo (standard free cable channel).
I don't know of any pubs that show it, so you'll have to find someone's cosy living room.


If so Crabby Joes at Dundas and Highbury.Or Oar House on Wonderland just north of Highbury.

If there's a Mayfair, Piccadilly and a Hyde Park in London, Ontario, that'd be one hell of a coincidence :)

thanks Pariah. I have a private with Roger Gracie at his academy on Monday, but unfortunately dont know anyone around here. I will have to look to see if any local pubs could play bravo channel.

Dont bother finding a place to watch the UFC, catch that some other time (its only live on Setanta....).. go to Cage Rage and see Bob Sapp, Vitor Belfort, Cyborg, Daijiro Matsui, Mark Weir and Paul Daley live!

Yeah Dan, but he's talking about tonight's UFC, not UFC 70.
On that tangent though, i'd rather see CroCop, Arlovski, Bisping, Werdum and Machida live on April 21st than the Cage Rage card.
I went to the last few Cage Rages, and i'm really starting to dislike their matchmaking. They're aiming squarely at the bevvied-up Burberry boys by signing freak-shows like Sapp and Butterbean, and losing talent like Shaolin and Zelg Galesic.
Paul Daley is the only guy on that card i'd pay to see, but even that fight is a horrible mismatch, Daley probably won't even break a sweat.

Ha! But are the streets filthy?!

Me and me mates found a pub that will be showing the fights -- under the table like, if you get my meaning. The name of the place is The Edge, at 11 Soho Square.

stephen- almost got me with that one, except they have a website. Have fun there with your boys.

They are showing the fights live. Regarding the other thing, I've already said too much. ;)

Crikey! What's all this then?

If you and your mates want to miss the fights because you're afraid of a couple batty boys, then bollocks to you!