Watched Chinese MMA championship


nothing ....and i mean NOTHING in about 40 fights resembling ANYTHING kung fu. Not even a bong sau.

MMA in china is very very far behind us, all the sanda and san shou i been hearing about showed itself once in a while but generally speaking i didnt see any technique except the tiniest semblence of bjj and occasionally someone with boxing skills (and usually that person had no grappling skills).

The myth guys should check it out...kinda.

where did you see these fights?

At least it has come some way since this:

1st China MMA Conference Oct 2nd, 2003

It was horrific.

"The Chinese suck at MMA, and always will so long as they revere kung-fu."

Who says they revere kung-fu? You think the billion plus chinamen on this planet all wake up simulataneoulsy and do the preying mantis in the morning?

The average Chinese thinks about kung-fu as much as the average person here thinks about MMA: they dont think about it all that much at all.

BJJ is by far the most popular sport in Brazil too, right? Like totally their national sport, strait up, right?

funny to watch


San Da has been pretty evenly matched against Muay Thai in some exhibition bouts. The side kick seemed to be an advantage early in their competitive series. I'm sure Matt Furey could tell you that the Chinese have an ancient grappling art that cannot be captured on film or shown to any foreigner under penalty of torture and death but the ghost of Xi'an Xioa taught him while he was in Hong Kong...

The thing about Chinese MMA is that twenty minutes later you want to watch it again...

The funny thing about that Chinese MMA video was how defensive the guy who posted it was - he has since edited his post, but it originally bad mouthed a bunch of early American NHB fighters and insinuated that the Chinese guys could have easily taken them out...

those refs were tooo in the way.  they wouldn't let the fighters do anything to the fullest power.  if a fighter got punched too hard they would jump in, even if he wasn't hurt.  entertaining but pointless...IMO

I haven't seen the event, but I can guess what it looked like...

China lacks good places to do ground work like BJJ or Sambo... even free style wrestling is not very popular. The Shuai Jiao is good for standing grappling, but has no reall ne waza

Since San Da at the physical colleges is mostly point oriented, it is harder to make the transition to MMA. But there are some military san da and some private schools that if this events continue, could provide a more positive influence.

All in all, we should be happy at least they are trying to do MMA...

i would have to agree

Well no shit it looked bad. That was organized by a local BJJ school and they invited some local Sanda guys to mix it up. Half those guys had 6 months bjj at the time and the other half had none. they are getting better though

I think it's a bad idea for them to learn too much MMA. There's a friggin' BILLION of them. If they get too good, we'll all be speaking Chinese in about 20 years. I prefer Japanese.

A guy I know who is a BJJ black belt moved over there a little while back to try and get them going on the ground. Hopefully he can bring them up to speed, but it will take some time.

lol @ PolishPunisher and his freckles.

PolishPunisher = guy who got clowned by a San Da person :)

PP= pollack with mongol blood

"You think the billion plus chinamen on this planet all wake up simulataneoulsy and do the preying mantis in the morning?"

waiting for the pc police to bust you on "chinamen"

the thread already has some racist tones to it, that one was actually kind of mild....