Watching MMA as good as traneing UFC?

Joseph Lozito Used Martial Arts Tactic He Saw on TV to End Alleged Stabber's Spree

Maksim Gelman, Charged With Killing Four, to Appear in Court Today

"With the end result being as it is, that I'm alive, I'm glad he came at me because you know, generally on a subway train or in a room I'm generally one of the bigger people and in relatively good shape and I can probably handle myself a little better," he said.

With a leg swipe, Lozito helped knock down Gelman, a grafitti vandal with at least 10 prior arrests. Lozito said that watching mixed martial arts on television helped him fight Gelman.

"I guess you watch it for 20 years, you just pick up some things through osmosis," he said.

Watching is enough to pick up a few little tricks and will give u a slight edge over someone that had no idea how BJJ works.

Watching for 20 years?

I call bullshit.The UFC started in 1993.I highly doubt that he was watching Shooto.

I wish more people on here trained besides those who go to some MMA Mcdojo for a few months and think they're badass all of a sudden. I think they'd have a lot more respect for fighters and how difficult it is if they did.

you can watch some one to a trip and say oh that's how they do it. but the training would get you to master it and show you how to get it every time. if that other guy had trained in sure he would of hip threw him and it'd be a different story. Phone Post