Waterman and the GP

Just for fun, while we're awaiting the last GP competitors (still!), I thought I' d throw in some interesting info...

I was chatting with my little friend Austin Waterman (3rd grader at the elem school where I student teach).  He couldn't quite remember the name of the guy his dad is fighting, so I started throwing out descriptions of Gan McGee to see if I could ring a bell.  He was kinda goin' with it, but mentioned that most of the fights Ron was studying did not take place in the UFC.  Then today I asked if he found out for me and he said that he forgot, but they just changed his opponent again, anyway. 

Keep in mind that this info is from a 9 year-old that mostly thinks about seeing his dad (since he's always leavin' town) and what he's going to be doing at recess, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Ha, ha. What if Ron gets wind of this kind of unnecessary punishment? I don't think my triangle technique is good enough to stop the H2Oman!

Is it confirmed that he is fighting Gan?

his opponent is not confirmed. it looks like waterman is in the main draw and gan is an alternate.

ttt for the man

Me or H2O, buddie? :)

Sherdog.com is acting as if Gan is fighting Ron in the main draw on both the expert pick-em and the Hirth preview. PRIDE site is still not talking...

Sherdog has Waterman vs. McGee on the main card

Well you are the man hbkurtis, however, I would like to point out:

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Oh no! I've been found out! You know as well as I that I'm a boring person with nothing interesting to say. I let the geniuses on here do all the talking and I just listen. :)

From Maxfighting:
DSE Makes Schilt-McGee Final GP Fight
Semmy Schilt faces Gan McGee in Sunday's opening round of the PRIDE Heavyweight Grand Prix, Dream Stage Entertainment announced Thursday in Tokyo. The official announcement of the final pairing comes just three days before the 16-man tournament is set to kick off in Tokyo's Saitama Super Arena.

> Both Schilt and McGee stand six-foot-ten. Schilt (22-13-1), a former open weight King of Pancrase, is loser of consective bouts to Fedor Emelianenko, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, and Josh Barnett -- respectively ranked one through three in the world. McGee (11-3-0) has lost two in a row, a February split decision to Heath Herring and a September 2003 TKO against Tim Sylvia in a UFC heavyweight title fight..


Maybe I'll challenge him after he's hurt and tired from the GP. I guess I could just attack during a parent-teacher conference. :)

TTT for schilt vs. McGee instead of Waterman. No offense to the third grader, but he should tell dad that it is boring as hell to watch his pop fight.

I know what you mean, esch! I always have to talk to him as if Ron is my favorite fighter. I always have to watch my words so that "boring," "can't beat top guys," or "Cro Cop" never come out. :)

Where are ya, buddie?