Waukesha Wrecking April 12th (WI)


Call (414) 841-2749 to purchase your seats

Gold Table..................$75/person (Limit 10/Table)

Silver Table................$50/person (Limit 10/Table)


General Admission...$25

Visit WaukeshaWrecking.com for seating charts

I heard Wisconsin is Growing Strong too.

TTT for a great card. some real good fighters on there.

Thanks bro, Jason is putting together a first class event all the way

There is no place you'd rather be. Honest.

This card is stacked. I'm itching for him to release the card, but let's just say, there is a whopping shit load of talent on it.

Indeed there is. Im on him to release the card all the time.

ttt for the full card to come out

Would I get lynched if I were to at least post the fights my guys are in?

Seriously, this is gonna be some fun!!!

I don't think it would be a problem

to the top. Come to Waukesha, same as Milwaukee, only fewer hobos and less traffic.


some good fighters on this one.

I am from Kenosha(living in the Twin Cities now)...or Ke-nowhere as we like to call it...I would LOVE to fight on one of these cards!!!! good luck guys!!!

Call (414) 841-2749 for tickets.

Visit WaukeshaWrecking. com for seating charts.


205: Justin "Bacon" Hutter (7-6-1) WMMA vs Warren Kekabah (5-2) SFA
170: Jake Kuester (7-1) SFF vs Justin Demoney (7-3-2) BMA
170: Caleb Krull (9-3) SFF vs Ted Worthington (17-10) DMM
135: Omar Choudhury (11-6) MJJ vs Jeremy Marts (3-0) BMA
170: Scott "The Freak" Usher (1-2) TV vs Elvis Mutapcic (1-1) DMM
155: TBA vs TBA – Due to Matamoros Broken Hand


145: Jared Picariello (2-0) Ind vs Jake "Bad" Ohman (2-2) THB
155: Nick Marti (0-0) WMMA vs Ivan Gomez (1-0) Ind.
135: Jose "Crazy Rican" Rodriguez (2-2) WMMA vs Chris Hart (1-0) THL
180: Adam Rothfelder (0-0) NG vs Chris McIntyre (1-1) BJJ
155: Don Schmidt (2-2) LCNG vs Justin Bailey (2-1) BJJ
145: Jason Norman (0-) LCNG vs Adam Huber (0-0) THL
170: Ed "Earthquake" Blake (5-1) WMMA vs Josh Condon (3-0) Ind.
155: "Smokin" Joe Blake (5-1) WMMA vs Scott Keshenbaugh (3-1) BMA
205: Brent Bennett (0-0) LCNG vs Chad Robinson (1-0) Ind
145: Chris Befera (0-0) THP vs "Scooba" Steve Usher (1-0) TV
125: Ryan Mendez (0-0) WMMA vs Matt Brown (0-1) FVGC
155: Tom Zimmer (0-0) MD vs Frank Kuchynski (0-0) TV
170: Cory Sachtjen (0-1) BJJ vs TBA
205: Leland "Tank" Brown (1-0) WMMA vs TBA

School Key:
WMMA = Waukesha MMA
SFA = Strasser’s Freestyle Academy
SFF = Serrano’s Freestyle Fighting
DMM = Des Moines MMA
MJJ = Matamoros Jiu Jitsu
BMA = Blitz MMA Academy (Des Moines, IA)
TV = Team Voodoo (Janesville, WI)
THB = Third Heaven Beaver Dam
THL = Third Heaven Lake Mills
THP = Third Heaven Portage
FVG = Fox Valley Grappling Club
NG = Neutral Ground
LCNG = Lake Country Neutral Ground
BJJ = Badgerland Jiu Jitsu
MD = Medina
Ind = Independent


ttt for Chris Befera making his amatuer debut


TTT for Waukesha Wrecking!!!

Tad worthington is the man!!!!!!!!!!!