Wayne Weems is in my town.........

I am sitting outside my local watering hole when along comes Carla and the crew promoting the CFC. I had met Carla before so I greeted her telling her I needed to get with her tomorrow for more tickets. She asks me if I knew who this person with her was (Weems) and I knew he looked familiar, but I couldn't place him. To make a long story short, he seemed very edgy and a bit anti social. He seemed very uneasy so I did not even say a word to him lest he cop an attitude and I have to put an amateur beating on his ass. Anyways, Laverne Clark was with him but I was busy talking and never had a chance to talk to him.



Weems is actually a pretty nice guy. He didnt seem to be the real boisterous type and he's not fooled by any pseudo Weems hype either, if there is any. He was over his head on the show and well thats not his fault. Who wouldnt jump at the chance to get the best training possible. If nothing else he's a stronger person and better fighter having been there.