Wayne Weems TUF BIO

This portion of Wayne Weems bio from the Spike/TUF website might be the single stupidest thing I've ever read in my life!

"When the show is finished taping, Wayne is looking forward to getting back to his family, as well as listening to 50 Cent, Kid Rock, Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, Hank Williams, and Vanilla Ice out of his car windows en route to wrestling practice."

WTF? That is the dumbest and laziest bit of writing EVA!


Why Walmart?

Don't they have enough promotion?

I'm thinkin' Sears or Circuit City since they both could use your support.

I train out of Target parking lots nationwide. The bullseye logo is perfect for striking practice.

I suppose if you want Wal-Mart and I want Target we'll have to meet in a neutral location like K-Mart.

Seriously, I apologize if you actually wrote that. It just struck me as really hilarious that he's not looking forward to becoming champ, getting his degree, or curing cancer, but what he'd be looking forward to is "listening to Vanilla Ice out his car window while driving to wrestling practice." Hilarious!