Ways Ken can beat Bisping

Any way he wants.

only at pool...

heelhook,achilles hold, toe hold, inverted heel hook, kneebar, calf slicer

(insert steak/chicken/brawling/leglock/purple cape joke here)

Ken is better than people think. He might do well in this match up.

ken is better than people think. yes but still he is too stuborn in his ways. However, i imagine he will put up a good enough fight

When he goes to "slip" he accidentally falls on MB's ankle and breaks it.

Nothing good can come of this for Bisping. With the emphasis on "can"

Pistol, club harpoon. Other then that he's fucked.

Ken has a chance on winning this one. I have not seen this fight confirmed by the UFC so I'm not even sure this will happen. Anyone that thinks Ken has no chance of winning is just a TUF Noob.

Should read:

"ways the Colts will repeat"

"Anyway they want"

Ken needs the camo beret for this one.

by turning his head real fast and intentionally taking a vicious elbow to the back of the dome when Bisping has him mounted and his G&Ping the living hell out of him

Ken will beat him into a living death.

yeah, like he didnt have Rich 'Ace' Franklin in one ( that he let go becuase it was a work )

ken wins
if they ' re playing pool

I can't believe people are saying Shamrock lost in worked fights.  He practically broke Frye's leg in Pride.  Stood toe to toe with Fujita - I could go on.

On a side note, I actually think that he matches up well with Bisping - not that he SHOULD fight Bisping mind you ... or come out of retirement at all.

I wonder if Ken will take a dive for Bisping like he did with Franklin.

I guess we can rank the "he took a dive" believers right up there with other conspiracy theorists.


i wonder how long it will be till kens nuthugger shamrock1fan will be back

"I guess we can rank the "he took a dive" believers right up there with other conspiracy theorists."

Wow. You got me there. Which was it Did he "slip" or "miss-time" the shoot?