Ways to train Kouchi Gari?

I sometimes do that drill where you and uke step back and forth and then as his foot advances you Kouchi it.
Also doin the same but pulling his right side in more of a circular fashion.

I trained it like the ways you mentioned above...

Try doing it off of a faked ippon seoinage entry. If you can 'sell' the idea that you are really coming in for the seoinage, he will pull backwards to avoid the forward throw..as he pulls back you instantly reverse your direction and launch into the kouchi gari...using the same grip as for the seoinage.

You can also do it moving sideways...

Take two normal sized steps to your left (if throwing right, rh hand sleeve and lapel grip. Make the third step a step and a half.

Ben R.

Joe Flow - I think Saulo Rebeiro did that Seoi nage/kouchi combo in his match (the one when he wore a blue gi at the 2001 mundials)against Margarida.

It looked sweet...


Yeah, it is a nice combo...Koga uses it well also. The only problem I have with it is that I end up in uke's guard most of the time I do it. This isn't such a bad thing if you are in a judo tournament, but in randori if you are continuing the fight after it hits the ground(like in jiujitsu) then I prefer to hit throws that don't automatically deposit me into the guard, since my guard passing isn't the greatest.

I also have seen this seoi nage/kouchi combo in
which you let go of the seoi grip and the right arm
(if you are doing a right handed combo) cups uke's
right leg as he goes to do kouchi gari...I have seen
a brown belt from my dojo do that one...

Is it the same as Koga's version? (I have never
seen Koga.)


I think the version you describe is the one Koga does but I would need to check out my Koga tape again to be sure. One of my senseis showed me a way to do this throw and not end up in the guard but I didn't spend much time playing with it. If he is doing a right kouchi he basically gets so much forward momentum going that he does a forward roll over his right shoulder as both players hit the ground, and then he spins back for kami-shiho gatame. He essentially does the forward roll right over top of uke's body.

Wow Koga is incredible if he can pull this in

I know the seoi nage combo.

But I have not seen Ben's version, I cannot picture it?

"Wow Koga is incredible"

You wouldnt be the first to say that..

I like the following drill. Pull your opponent toward you three times. On the third pull he will either come with you as he has before in which case you do a forward throw like seoi nage, or he will balk and shift his weight back onto his heels. In the latter case immediately switch directions and dash in with kouchi gari (regular or makikomi variety).


"You wouldnt be the first to say that.. "

LOL...Won't be the last either...I gotta check out some footage of him...

Chest, I have seen a kouchi version that sounds similiar to that described by Ben R., but you need to check with him to see if it is the same as this one. The one I have seen resembles okuru ashi barai...except you are sweeping the INSIDE of his right foot at about the ankle with your right foot(sole of) and thereby causing his legs to splay apart...like he is doing a sideways splits (for a right-side kouchi)as opposed to sweeping his feet together, as occurs in okuru ashi barai.

Basically, in moving sideways, it can be more like a footsweep done on the inside. The more footsweep-like variation of Kouchi Gari is sometimes called Kouchi Barai.

Ben R.