We are gonna have a ton of Muslim champs

Do they have Muslim wmma? I wanna see some letterbox battles!

Chimaev will never hold a strap. Eat me.


Yeah I knew Ari Helwani Emanuell runs AMG/UFC

There was one bellator Young Jew boy super subbing ppl in one round, few months back he lost but looked like a prospect prior (subbing cans)

Name Gonzali I believe

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2/8 = 1/4 brah.

There could be a succession of 3 Muslim champs at 170. Not sure if Shavkat is Muslim but Kazakhs premdominantly are.

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Do you know of any other Group that is larger than 1/4 of the Earth?

The LW champ has a name however and it’s Brazilian. :wink:

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Christians may not account for more than 1/4 however there are more Christians in the world than Muslims.

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That’s right I just did another quick Google Search and the number of Christians and Muslims in the world is both in the 2 Billions with Christians leading at the moment.

I knew there was at least 1 Billion Muslims but over 2 Billion is a huge portion of the Earth so in theory they should statistically have at least 1/4 of the Belts if not more.

That’s not how this really works though. It’s more than percentage of MMA participants. How much of the Muslim world participate in MMA? Although you can say that China and India for example as the 2 biggest countries should be better at soccer, the worlds most popular sport although neither country participates much in it.

The worst country for MMA based on population, participation and MMA related history is Japan.

You are also not taking into account that richer countries generally do better in sports due to more resources for them.

And then some have higher degrees of state sponsorship of sports. China, Russia…although the US is very well funded and organized just not exclusively from state support?

Cuba might be an exception that has a small population and is quite poor but due to state sponsorship and having a higher percentage of freak athletes punch above their weight in sports in general.

Then you have the small Caucasus regions like Dagestan and now Georgia who have high degrees of combat sport participation and history. For example, Georgia and Azerbaijan, and the Russian Caucasus nations of Dagestan, Chechnya are good in wrestling, judo, sambo and boxing, karate, kick boxing. Add in to a degree former Soviet central Asian countries like Kazakhstan who have GGG and Shavkat and decent judo success too.

Also Mongolia has a small population I think but like Georgia, have a strong folk wrestling style which makes for transitions to judo, wrestling and in the case of Mongolia also Sumo. Mongolians are also super physically strong and are quite big like Samoans etc.

Yeah you are right there is a lot more to it if you want to break it down like that but I am just simplifying it based on total Population which is still a significant stat in its own right.

Yea population base is still a factor.

Israel is decent in judo. Might be part of their military training? I believe krav maga may have some judo integration?

Apparently child fucking boosts MMA performance?

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Travis Fulton Said this was not the case…

I willed this to happen just so the UG would suffer


God is a source of strength.

You’re welcome

They haven’t beat Izy or Volk yet bro