We don't need an official TFATK Podcast thread

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A little bit of context on the glasses.


This is legit, not a Photoshop:


You can tell it’s old because the rating is still above 2.

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All the streamables except for the last 2 I have posted seems to not be working anymore?
Is that just me or do I need to pull a double shift to fix this?

That “Jing-a-ling, dudes Asian as shit” always cracks me up

So “the kid” was a balding guy lol?

Why were Callen and Shaub upset in this video in the first place?

I think it was cos Chris D’Elia got “canceled”.

I liked shaub over the years. His hybrid fight and podcast career when he was fighting was entertaining. He’s gotta get it together though. The link I posted was just released an hour ago. Why is his fight recap over 48 hours after the fight? The comments are filled of people pointing out his blatant errors of his recap. The walls are horrible for a podcast. A picture of a closed eyes kimbo slice and that horrible paint as Brendans background. I like the guy but this isn’t sustainable at this rate. My opinion is he should grab 2-3 fights in bellator against the lowest ranked competition possible. Be more conscious about his fight talk. And a plain podcast background is fine. (Forgot to say RIP to kimbo.) I dont see enough people respecting him.

I had to leave that TFATK subreddit.

It was so toxic but there were some pretty funny posts. People are really creative.

Another beast of an analysis:

🤔 pic.twitter.com/jYR6Htmgjl

— Borrachinha Depot (@FullContactMTWF) July 27, 2021
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The most slap in your face compliment I have ever heard.

It’s tough, B.


It’s right in front of you…


Ouch. This and Ari getting lie detected and revealing he doesn’t think Brundin is funny. Once joe moved and dropped Brandon, his comedy vest got a little less bullet proof. Some say Joe was forced out of the LA comedy scene because of this shit he pulled with Schaub. “It was like dropping a turd in everyone’s drink.”


Sources? or was it the basement trolls on Reddit?

Could be. I would bet it didn’t earn him any goodwill for sure. But I think Joe genuinely was done with California’s nonsense.


I think you mean Jon Africa.