We missed ya Joe Rogan!!!

Joe Rogan adds a lot of excitement. His passion for the sport and naturally exciteable demeanor (read stoned) makes the show. My friends watch every UFC and have since about UFC 7 at my house. They do not follow the sport other than that. They know the fighters when they see them but they are the definition of casual fans.
Every one of them said they prefer Joe being on the show. They all commented that the show seemed more boring as a result of Joe Rogan not being an announcer.

At first I though there was a contract issue or he had been Quatros'ed but that clearly was not the case as that the UFC rode Joe's name like a pony last night.

All of you Rogan haters should go choke your self with your own arm.

Frank Mir did a much better job. Frank actaully fights so it is nice to hear a fighter do the colour commentary.

I prefer Rogan over Mir.

In fact, if you want a fighter to do commentary then get Couture. Even Baroni was ok. Mir was nothing special behind the mike.

Calling out Hopkins?


Mir did an OK job. His perspective was nice but he does not add excitement. He adds perspective. The casual fan could care less how it feels to do a certain technique. They care about how it looks and sounds when some one gets submitted or Koed

Dougie I don't think he called out Hopkins I think that was Goldie. I think it is stupid as well. Frank Mir did an excellent job for a guy that has no training and isn't in front of TV camera all day. I would take Couture, Pulver, Baroni, or Mir over Rogan)a none fighter) any day.

I liked Mir a lot but dig the Roganmiester too. Maybe keep both.

I agree with bignightmare.

Mir did pretty well but I prefer Rogan.

I've been out of the loop for a bit. Why wasn't Rogan commentating last night?

The lack of energy level was apparent without Rogan, ( not meant to be a direct slight at Mir who I like and thought he did a decent job)...but in my opinion Rogan cemented his place as the right color guy for the UFC, as he was conscipious in his absence......Rogan always has interesting tidbits on the fighters sue to his behind the scenes knowledge and relationship with the fighters.

yep, Rogan brings the enthusiasm...he's too busy pulling
bitche$ in that insane ride Foose hooked him up with!

ttt for Rogan.........

What was the "on assignment" for Rogan....is he involved at all on the UFC Reality Show? It must be a special Fear factor committment to warrant him missing a UFC...I'm sure he was watching and rooting for Goldie and Mir to do a great job in his absence, JOe is a real pro