we need more seminars in louisiana

we had rich franklin and jorge gurgel but i would like to see some more. maybe matt serra, militich, ill even take a bas rutten or a frank shamrock seminar

My name is Renato Tavares from American Top Team and if you have a place to hold a seminar i will go there for sure.
Renato Tavares - www.renatotavaresbjj.com

Renato,How much for a 1 day-2 session seminar?Give me a shout.Warren donley donleycrew4@yahoo.com Thanks.

Where in Louisiana? Do you have a school?

Renato will be holding a 2 day training camp at my school in Oklahoma if anyone is interested.  Go here for more info.   www.titanmartialarts.com


I teach at NOLABJJ and also do private and small group lessons at my house and at a local high school.

sometimes i go and train with rich clementi in slidell


Stephan Bonnar will be in Biloxi, MS (an hour from New Orleans) on September 1 at Alan Belcher's Remix MMA grand re-opening.

Serra always ready to put something on, let me know.

Did you get my e-mail??
Renato Tavares


Got it Renato.I will try to round up a crew,but I'm busy with the kids,promoting ,training,and tending to my mother who recently had a stroke.I would love to have you in for a seminar.

I think Jens is doing something in Oct. in Baton Rouge

sounds good

Ok, let me know and I will go for sure.
Renato Tavares