We should rename ringworm

People always freak out when you mention Ringworm like you have some sort of deadly disease. It's the same as stuff Athletes Foot but no one treats you like a leper if you say you have Athletes Foot.I think we should give it a more user friendly name. How about we start calling it Wrestler's Rash? Any suggestions?

Lets call it

Take a shower after every grappling session.


Spread the name!


athlete's leg


i've often suggested the same thing. yes, the reality is, the name often changes the way people react to something.

the medical name is the fungal infection known as Tineas. however, the best name to get people to react properly to it is to simply tell them "water is water, if you wrestle with sweaty people, you can get athletes foot anywhere you get wet, just like a gym shower". this causes people take appropriate measures as opposed to "freaking out". "hey buddy, i think you have 'athletes foot' on your arm. this is how you treat it."

this is "jiujitsu vs. ringworm" - the philosophy of jiu jitsu is much deeper than just wrestling with people, it's about finding the most efficient way of interacting with any person or situation, and can be applied to any area of life.


personally always called it Cooties.


With Pride being bought out, there is only one viable option...


how bout "Roll-n-Grow"

I call it mat rash.

Mar Rash isn't bad.

in this context, it could be considered an educational solution to a medical problem, or a marketing solution to a business problem.

at many schools, you can either talk about it openly at the beginning, and immediately lose half your students when they hear the terrible minomer "Ringworm", or you can not talk about it and have more people suffer from it. neither is an appropriate solution to this problem.

i've also noticed you lose a disproportionately large number of spandex-wearing hotties when you say the word "Ringworm", so let's eliminate it from our lexicon immediately.

sorry, but ringworm is a lot worse than athlete's foot. it might be the
same kind of fungus but get it on your face and then tell me if you
consider it the same as your feet itching. ringworm is nasty.

Cauliflower face.

Athlete's Face?


I call them warrior circles.