We want fights in Canada

I would like to announce the new name of our team for the New Orleans, Louisiana in the U.S.A. area fighting out of Ancona's Gym and also the fighters that we will be representing from here but not necessarily managing all of them. Our new team name is "Team Anaconda" with the motto and slogan of "Strike Fast/Squeeze hard" and some of the fighters that we represent are Melvin Guillard-pro 155-165lbs,Patrick Barry 245lbs-pro, Steve Kinnison-pro 165lbs, Warren Donnely-pro 170lbs, Andrew Chappelle-pro 155-165lbs, Calvin Martin-amateur 137-142lbs, R.C. Stevens-amateur 155lbs, Brandon Keith-amateur 125lbs, Jamie Mckinney-pro 225lbs,Lamont Lindsey-pro 130lbs,Collin murray 150lbs, plus more that we represent from other areas.Please feel free to contact us at 504-888-6451 or e-mail us at anconasgym@aol.com

Nice to see you spreading the word Joe.

Go Butcher Boy!

for BOXING....call Clube de Boxe Champions in Montreal-maybe you could set up some fights up here-514-376-0980
Speak with Paul-he speaks english.

wayne-o , how do remember my old fight name

I've seen a few of your fights through the years,
I have two of them on video somewhere in my library
of tapes that I taped off of TSN. I'd like to get my
hands on more of the older kickboxing fights from the
80's. I mentioned on another thread a few weeks ago
(you were asking for names of your fight team and
promotion, etc) and I thought 'The Butcher Boy's
Boyz' was a good one, but I see you've already chosen
one. All the best to you in any case. ;)

Guilard is a machine! I saw him fight at last years Anarchy in August!

wayne-o, come visit us soon, how is jean yves and victor therialt doing



Hey Joe, I just noticed your post asking about those
fighters - I don't know either of them personally, but
I read here that one has a club in Ottawa.

I like " The Butcher Boys" HMMMM, that is a thought!!!