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Ben HendersonFanHouse has WEC 53 results for all of the Dec. 16 WEC 53 fights, plus live coverage from Glendale, live blogs of all the fights and live WEC 53 twitter updates.

In the final main event in WEC history, Ben Henderson will square off against Anthony Pettis for the WEC light heavyweight title and to be the No. 1 contender for the UFC light heavyweight title. Dominick Cruz will also defend his bantamweight title against Scott Jorgensen.

Main card

Ben Henderson vs. Anthony Pettis

Dominick Cruz vs. Scott Jorgensen

Donald Cerrone vs. Chris Horodecki

Bart Palaszewski vs. Kamal Shalorus


Zhang Tie Quan vs. Danny Downes

Jamie Varner vs. Shane Roller

Brad Pickett vs. Ivan Menjivar

Eddie Wineland vs. Ken Stone

Danny Castillo vs. Will Kerr

Ricardo Lamas vs. Yuri Alcantara

Renan Barão vs. Chris Cariaso


I like Reed...  I've had so many of my friends thru the years fight at lighter weight classes and never was able to get exposure for all of their hard work.  Glad to see them rising thru the ranks now...


2 1/2 hours until the event right?


Round 1 - It's the first fight of the WEC's final event, and Barao looks to keep his unreal 23-fight win streak intact in this bantamweight affair. Referee Neil Sarembock in charge of the action. Barao misses an early high kick, and Cariaso lands one of his own. Both fighters flashing hard kicks early. Off-balance Cariaso hits the deck, and Barao pushes into his guard. Cariaso secures the arm and thinks armbar, but Barao pulls free. Barao casually posting with his hand on the matt, and Cariaso looks for another armbar. Barao postures and advances to side control. Two minutes in. Cariaso spins in an moves back to half-guard. Barao spins for a kimura and Cariaso rolls. Barao transitions with him and takes the back. Figure-four for Barao across the body. He fires a few punches in from the right side as he looks for an opening for the choke. Cariaso spins in, and Barao takes mount. A few elbows come in, but there's another roll. Barao sinks in the rear-naked choke from the back. It looks deep, but Cariaso fights it. He's stuck, and as courageous as he wants to be, he must tap. Renan Barao def. Chris Cariaso via submission via submission (rear-naked choke) - Round 1, 3:47.


Round 1 - Alcantara makes his WEC debut, while Lamas tries to win his fourth-straight in this lightweight bout. Referee Ron Nation oversees the action. Alcantara takes the center and opens with three punches behind a kick. Lamas defends well and resets. Alcantara continues to stalk and punches into a clinch against the cage. Lamas comfortable and spins to escape. Alcantara moving slowly forward as Lamas bounces. Alcantara slips a punch and fires two and a kick before moving into the clinch again. Lamas circles off easily. Two minutes in, and they break. Alcantara engages quickly and lands a knee, but Lamas closes the gap again and presses in. Knees traded. Lamas appears to be dictating the clinch, though he's hardly taking advantage of it. He finally releases after little action. Alcantara stalks patiently, and a leaping left hook sends Lamas crashing to the floor. Alcantara pounces with three more punches, but Lamas was already cold against the fence. Alcantara walks away before Nation can even get to him. Yuri Alcantara def. Ricardo Lamas via knockout (punches) - Round 1, 3:26.


Round 1 - With a few recent losses from each fighter, these two lightweights are likely fighting for their spot on the UFC roster. Referee Herb Dean in the cage. Castillo takes the center. Kerr leaps in with a flying knee that just misses. He immediately switches to a guillotine and falls to his back. It looks tight early, but Castillo pops his head out. Kerr stays busy on the bottom and latches on to Castillo's left leg. Castillo remains calm as he tries to stack his opponent, but the leg is not yet free. Castillo starts firing punches to the body, then the head. Kerr's dome is against the canvas, and Castillo's punches are resonating in the arena. Three connect flush, and Kerr is out. Castillo walks away as Dean calls the fight. Danny Castillo def. Will Kerr via knockout (punches) - Round 1, 1:25.


Round 1 - Stone makes his WEC debut, while Wineland a former WEC champ, eyes his fourth-straight win. Referee Neil Sarembock returns to the cage. Wineland moves forward quickly, but Stone is ready with leg kicks. Wineland showing lots of head movement as he holds the center. Stone circling and looking to use his legs early. Stone delivers a straight but catches a snapping counter that pops his head back. Crowd likes the early striking. Stone shoots in. Wineland stuffs it, and Stone leaps to guard. Stone wraps his right arm around the neck and has a figure-four around the waist. Wineland walks slowly over to his corner and pushes Stone against the cage. He sits there for a moment before launching into the canvas. Stone is out when he hits the mat. Wineland gets in a few punches that are elementary. Fight is over. Eddie Wineland def. Ken Stone via knockout (slam) - Round 1, 2:11.

 Stone remained motionless on the canvas for several minutes and was carted out on a stretcher. MMAjunkie.com will have updates as soon as they become available.

 wow.  Wineland slam sounds wicked.  I hope his opponent is ok.

Gotta love stoppages! I wanna see

I don't wish that on anybody, but Congrats Eddie Wineland!!

I hope Stone is alright, he a very promising bantamweight

RJJH - my picks

Televised Main Card


Untelevised Preliminary Card


Horodeki over Cerrone? I think not.

The WEC guys = exciting.

So much dynamic young talent.

Who wants to see Barao v. Torres?


Round 1 - One-time UFC fighter and nine-year veteran Menjivar makes his WEC debut, while Pickett looks to return to the win column after recently having a nine-fight win streak snapped. Referee Ron Nation oversees the bantamweight bout. Pickett jabs early, but Menjivar kicks him in the body. Pickett stays on the jab, but Menjivar counters well. Pickett trying to change levels. Menjivar launches into a spinning backfist, but Pickett ducks and earns the takedown. Menjivar looks for an armbar underneath, but Picketts pulls away and returns to the feet. Pickett timing his strikes better and avoiding the counters, but as they move into the clinch, Menjivar does deliver a few short shots of his own. Two minutes in. Pickett digs to the body with a combination, but another shot is met with a knee. Flurry by both, and Pickett drops i for a takedown. Menjivar stuffs this one, and Pickett pulls away. Menjivar lands a partially-blocked high kick. Both guys trafing nice leather in impressive flurries. More great action. Menjivar delivers an uppercut and a knee from the clinch. Pickett answers back with a three-punch combo. Less than a minute, and Pickett ducks in for another takedown. Pickett postures and lands a few big shots on top before the bell - the first time we'll see a second round all night. MMAjunkie.com gives the first to Pickett, 10-9.

 Round 2 - Pickett returns to the jab. An inside leg kick hits the cup, but Menjivar back to action quickly. Menjivar lands a glancing high kick. Pickett hits the ribs, and a stiff jab staggers Menjivar slightly. Menjivar connects with a straight. Both guys again swing freely in the pocket. Bog shots land from both fighters in the toe-to-toe exchange. Menjivar whiffs on another spinning backfist. Two minutes in. Both fighters working a jab. RIght from Menjivar staggers Pickett. He drops for a takedown, but Menjivar stuffs it. Another right from Menjivar. Pickett is wobbled and in trouble. Somehow he remains upright and fires back. All heart from Pickett, and he actually earns a takedown. He'll try to regains his wits on top, as he was getting absolutely blasted. Menjivar with a guard, and Pickett finds room to strikes. He postures and pulls free from a triangle choke attempt. He stands, and as Menjivar does, too, Pickett nails him with a hammerfist and jumps the back. He's high on the back, and he tries for an armbar as he slides off. Menjivar spins free, and they both stand Great sequence. Back on the feet with less than a minute. More bombs from Menjivar. Pickett trading well. Menjivar thinks standing guillotine but lets it go. Round ends, and it was a hell of a five minutes. Pickett had great moments, but MMAjunkie.com sees it for Menjivar on damage, 10-9.

Damn, these fights sound brutal. Short but sweet.

 Round 3 - Pickett returns to the jab. Both guys bouncing, looking as though they'll have gas for the final round. Menjivar working an effective straight. Into the clinch. Pickett drops for a takedown, but it's not there. They rest. Menjivar lands an uppercut. Pickett moving well, but Menjivar really has his timing down perfect. Pickett continues to jab, but Menjivar will answer with two and three punches. Menjivar holds the center. Halfway in, and the round is upf or grabs. Pickett lands a big left hook. He drops Menjivar to a knee with a follow up. Leaping knee from Pickett. Menjivar gathers hi with and answers with a knee of his own. Right hand over the top for Pickett. Menjivar bleeding over the left eye, and he's pawing at it. One minute left. Both fighters obviously tiring, but still trading. Menjivar lands two, Pickett answers. It's toe-to-toe again. Menjivar kicks hard to the body. Right hands traded again. Pickett leaps in with a knee, and both fighters wing punches until the final bell. Incredible stuff. Good stuff from both, but MMAjunkie.com sees the final round for Pickett, 10-9, and gives him the fight, 29-28. Brad Pickett def. Ivan Menjivar via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Sherdog had Menjivar winning 29-28, but the PBP sounded like it could have gone either way.