Last saturday, there was a WECF show held by Master Fernand Morneau in Montreal (Laval)in front of an impressive crowd of 132 individuals. Here are the results of the funniest show i've ever seen.

Some guy won over another guy by beatdown

A karate guy won over a chinese boxing guy by i don't remember what.

A streetfighter won over a brawler.

A big guy beats another bigger guy by exhaustion.(after about 37 seconds)

Some guy invented a new technique and lost (instead of pulling guard, he was pulling mount)The funniest fight i've ever ever ever seen in my whole life.

The next show will be in audition for the Just for laughs festival.

How do you jump to mount?

Wow, 132 people? Sounds like they're doing a fantastic job promoting the event.

Why bother if that few people show up? Unless they're releasing the events on video, which they're apparently not doing.

Please don't give them my phone number........

LOL!!!!! Pulling mount is the newest technique in the business!!!

And 132 people without any advertising at all, it's not bad at all, imagine what advertising could do.


Did Morneau try to break anything or chop bananas this time?

Yes in fact he did DIMMAK, No he did break some big bricks, no joke i was impressed!!

The Little Richard of MMA is this the guy?

Cool, the man can break stuff for sure! Mental, yes.


he didn't break his hand this time? hehe

lol@Novagallia :)

About a year ago, I saw Master Morneau in action after a WECF show.

Picture this:

Little Richard gets on the ring, all dressed in a silky red outfit, topped with his SoulGlo hair.

There's a big bunch of bricks waiting to be smashed.

He steps up, jumps high into the air, yells loudly and hits the bricks as hard as he can.
The bricks do not move. Not even a millimeter.
You only hear the bones breaking and the poor guy yelling even more.

Hurt both in his hand and his feelings, he keeps trying. Jumps high in the air, yells, etc..

Still no success.

He finally crushes them with his elbows and feet,
before running backstage to throw up and fall apart.

This is not funny, but I can't help laughing...
I guess you had to be there to fully appreciate it.

This time it was revenge in Mr. Morneau's mind, and it's now:

Bricks: 1 - Morneau: 1

Can't wait to see who will win the final challenge.

Kogaratsu: Jumping to mount probably means he tried jumping to guard, but the opponent ended up mounting him (Landed in that position) rather than landing in his guard.

lol @ yl2!

In the last WECF, I learned the standing mount! It's when you try to punch your opponent from mount, but you're actually standing.


Thanks, that sounds like a innovative move...got to try it sometimes;)

On their poster I saw menjivar and pain peters listed. I guess they didnt fight that night?

They meant George Peters, but i guess the print guy did a mistake, and Menjivar wanted to fight but no one wanted to fight him.