Weed DOES NOT help when striking.

That thread about smoking before you roll maybe true. I smoked many, many times before class and would roll better. I was more relaxed and didn't care what happened, thus making my training more fun.

Smoking weed before you train striking, not a good idea. Boxing or Muay Thai. If you get high, your gonna' get beat down. Your reaction time is crap and your stamina goes to pot (pun intended). Don't get high and then train striking, take my advice. Trust me on this one.

Lol, true mag, but what good would that be? I have got high before Thai boxing. Man it sucked. Almost got KO'd.

How could it?

original post, very true

I agree with this as well.
I've tried to train striking when I smoked, and it never felt right.

I can't even drive after smoking. I'm impressed that you are even able to do that.

"I can't even drive after smoking. I'm impressed that you are even able to do that."

I hear you. Some guys can smoke and do activities, i can basically talk, listen to music and watch tv.

On a chair lift last weekend, my buddy pulled out a one hitter. Id be wrapped around a tree or stuck on the lift if i took a hit.

I just lose all reaction time. I feel laid back mentally and that's awesome but I can't react fast enough when I smoke.

RonaldMcDojo, I did't know you played socom... Post your handle and we'll meet up and kill each other.

Only thing I could ever do with it was play slide guitar. That improved...but doing it with striking is plain asking for trouble.

Although it might be interesting as a handicap match.....say, a blazed-out top heavy against two lightweights.

My trainer once told me to smoke and run and it would be great..It sucked..What made it worse was there was the fighters class after my run so I showed up feeling like shit..

After doing some timing I realized two things, 1. The obvious, weed slows reaction time and being relaxed is great, not blocking a kick to the head not so great. and 2. My cardio was HORRIBLE.

I used to actually puff good KB and then go to a MT class. I usually kept it veeeeery light sparring-wise though, more Thai-style light sparring than Dutch style all-out.

Of course that was before weed started making me sick. Sigh. Fuck, that still pisses me off...

I don't want to hit anything when I'm stoned. I love to smoke but I can't do it and train. It gives me either Zen like concentration or ADD. It's great for relaxing after a workout and playing WoW.

I had a blast when me and some buddies got stoned and did a little kickboxing. Sometimes weed can give you that false confidence and make you REALLY zone in, which can be fun.

Being burnt out is a different story...

dan black...come on bro. You actually think it's benificial to get high before training Thai? How can you even say that. BTW, if I was sparring with people that were not on my level, I could "break legs" and shit too.

I got into a fight once when i was SO HIGH..

The guy had been wanting to fight me for weeks. I had just smoked a couple joints of some dank bud. This guy
shows up wanting to fight. I was so relaxed but, not even sweating it. I was like, you wanna fight this bad.
Lets do this, I took one good shot at the beginning of the fight and then dominated from there. Taking him down and pounding him multiple times, and kicking the bastard square in the face... He was a bloddy mess when it was over, me being high probally made me less agressive or mean. I did nearly bite his finger off, when he tried to fish hook my mouth.

It was a good time, cuz the dipshit wanted to fight me so bad for so long just to get his ass beat.

Just sounds far fetched. If your breaking legs with your thai kicks, even while stoned, it seems you could really make some money in K-1.

I used to train with crazy fucks from Holland. We would get baked train smoke train spar smoke it was one big blur

Talking of smoking, what was that Joe Rogan was on about smoking rocks, it was quite funny in a sort of inappropriate way, it totally through the fighter.

take a single hit is fine. roll a blunt forget about it.