Weekend Predictions 5/13-5/17/04

Here are a list of the major fights coming up this weekend. A lot of action on Saturday in Vegas on the DKP undercard. Hoye-Hall and Wells-Perez are not scheduled to be televised on the PPV.

Javier Jauregui 47-10-2 vs Julio Diaz 29-2 (IBF 135)-Diaz is coming off his win over Courtney Burton. Jauregui defending his belt for the first time since beating Levander Johnson.

Peter Manfredo, Jr. 20-0 vs Anthony Bonsante 24-3-3 (154)-crossroads fight. Manfredo steps up against Bonsante, who looked good vs an aging Tony Ayala Sr.

Roy Jones 49-1 vs. Antonio Tarver 21-2 (WBC 175)

Victor Burgos 36-13-3 vs. Fahlan Sakkreerin 54-3-2 (IBF 108)

Zab Judah 30-2 vs Rafael Pineda 38-5 (147)-Zab returns to the ring just 5 weeks after the Spinks fight against 38 yr old ex IBF lightweight champ.

Gerald Nobles vs Bruce Seldon (Hvy)-
prospect Nobles against comebacking Seldon

Rico Hoye 16-0 vs. Richard Hall 27-4 (175)
prospect Hoye steps up in class in title eliminator.

Calvin Brock 20-0 vs. Terry Smith 20-0-1 (Hvy)-
Battle of the prospects on NBC

Samuel Peter 18-0 vs Charles Shufford 20-5 (Hvy)-
Peter against Shufford on Monday night. If you have $19.95 burning a hole in your pocket, it will be on PPV.

rogie's picks: Jauregui, Bonsante(unless he gets screwed on the cards), Jones, Burgos, Judah, Nobles, Hoye, Brock, Peter.

I'll take Diaz, RJJ, and Judah. I don't care about the others



Thx Rogie.

I got the streaking Jauregui (I picked Diaz over Burton but am still not a huge fan of him)

I'll take Manfredo (he's a little limited and should eventually hit a wall but i don't think it'll be yet)


Burgos (one tough SOB)

Judah (easily)

Nobles (Seldon is DONE)

Hall (2 much 2 soon for Hoye)

Peter (in a wipeout)


judah even tho i never seen pineda fight













BPD Lime Belt

Peter Manfredo, Jr.- the new pride of RI

A great performance by Kidd Diaz. He showed that his beard is not as bad as I thought, and he was a step ahead of Jauregui all night and landed some beautiful left hooks to the chin of Chatitio. A judge from Mexico had it 114-114 which is a joke, because it looked like Julio won 9 or 10 rounds.

Diaz was hyped as the next big thing at one time. He showed that he is legitimately world class last night, and that the first round loss to Valenzuela was a fluke.

For the rest,
Manfredo Early ko
Brock ko by middle rnds
Judah late stoppage
RJJ TKO within 7

Julio Diaz
Peter Manfredo, Jr.

Roy Jones

Victor Burgos

Zab Judah

Richard Hall

Calvin Brock

Samuel Peter

Julio Diaz

Anthony Bonsante

Antonio Tarver

Victor Burgos

Zab Judah

Richard Hall

Calvin Brock

Samuel Peter