Weidman clutching at straws

I see his pushing pretty hard for the Andy fight but the guy just doesn't deserve it yet, all he's done is beat up an out of shape munoz! Who cares? Hamill ko'd him with a head lick and okami made him look like an amateur, the Ufc and the American fans put too much stock in there American wrestlers, truly believe that bisping, belfort and belcher all deserve it more then him Phone Post

Your a idiot, Munoz out of shape?! He never is, he just got out classed with better striking and wrestling,

I'm from the UK ad have never watched collegic wrestling or anything, but weidmans skills are amazing,

He deserves more credit than bisping belcher etc...

Munoz was top 5 MW fighter on the cusp of title shot and weidman WALKED through him like he was a can!

Op please STFU :-) Phone Post