weight cutting and CBJJ tourns

Newbie question:

Is there a lot of guys that do weight cutting for CBJJ tournaments? Why and how? or Why not?

DO the rules make it too tough? Seems to me that you see more of the same sized guys in them then in none CBJJ tournament.

I assume you mean CBJJ in Brazil for like the Mundials? In this case i dont think its recommended because you weigh in about 30 secs before you fight, ontop of that you weigh in with your Gi on and the weight catagories are a smaller range (I think something around 7 pounds). Not really wourth it IMO.

Maybe one day we'll see weigh-ins just before matches occur here in Canada.

The ref's and score keepers are there at the mats already. It simply takes a few seconds to get weighed in before the match/division begins.

If you make weight then your in, if you don't make weight then your out, you can't bump up to the next weight class at the last minute as matches have been pre-set, it would cause confusion amongst the different rings/competitors, etc.., etc....

Best you know what your weight with your GI Top/Bottom/Belt on is. Because if your wrong you just wasted some of your cash.

Same would/should go for no-gi as well. Weigh in just before your match.

If you do both no-gi and gi then you have to weight in twice, once for each division.

Once you weigh in once for GI your good to go for the remainder of that division and the rest of your GI matches. Then do it all over again for no-gi.

This would cut down on weigh in lines, cut down on cutting as if you cut too much your gonna be weak if you fight 5-10 min later, and especially if you have to weigh in again for no-gi later on in the day.

Just my 2cents.

After watching the Pan Ams live this year, I think it's a great idea to weigh competitors right before they step on the mat.

Will guys till cut weight? Yup. But they'll pay for it.

So there are no tournaments like this in Ontario?

Strange why not?