weight cutting???

I am looking to make my first cut for my first fight! I walk around @ 172, I need to be 155... Now I have dieted down to 163 before.. I think I could go a lil lower. When and how much water should I cut or you think I can cut?

ps Iam 5'10


spit in a cup.

"spit in a cup." Yea but I dont think I could spit 8 lbs ! Maybe a pound .... anymore info?

TTT 4 more info!!

How long between weigh in & your? How long have you until the event? Buy Grapplers Guide To Sports Nutrition now & use your diet to get you down as much as possible & then lose a little water as possible.

go to Chris Brennans spot on this forum, he will have everything you need.

O I have until september.... I kinda want to know how much water can the average guy @ my weight can loose?

Anyone have a link to that post?



Your stats are almost identical to me, you NEED to Hyper-hydrate, alter your sodium levels, carb cut the last week, fiber load, and then take a little dandelion root and maybe a hot bath.

I pretty much follow the cutting strategy in the Grapplers Guide to Sports Nurtition.

I got from 173 down to 163 on diet (basically just eating green veggies, lean meat, and low gi fruits), and then down to 155 over the last week without ever getting in a sauna

Here's a weigh-in pic


I try to diet as best as possible for six weeks leading up to a fight. My normal walk-around weight is about 155, so I try to get around 147 so I only have to cut one or two pounds of water weight.

well you need to.....Never mind

well you need to.....Never mind

lol gabe!

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