Weight Difference for Pro Fighters

To what degree in you estimation does weight affect a fight outcome at some of the lower/middle weight classes. We see smaller HW's often fight and handle larger opponents, and it leads me to wonder - how well would an elite LW or FW guy do against a solid but not spectacular MW or LHW assuming they didnt have a style nightmare to deal with.

Here are some examples of hypothetical fights that I would like to offer as discussion points:

Kid Y vs. Chris Leben

Shinya Aoki vs. Kalib Starnes

Gomi vs. Kazuo Misaki

Sherk vs. Brad Imes


It's hard to say but, in general, weight is a huge factor.

If weight wasn't a factor, there wouldn't be weight classes.

lol, thanks for the thoughts guys. I thought this could have made a good discussion, but I guess I get teh FAIL

I agree with everyone. Weight is a huge factor.

Kid still own Chris Leben.

Sherk vs Brad Imes

Get a grip

The truth is, I think Imes would win that one. I didn't want people to imply I think the lighter guy would win all these, just discussion points dude.

Agreed the size diff % is very important.

Sherk takes Imes down and pounds him through the mat IMO.

I always thought smaller and skilled vs. bigger and less skilled makes for interesting matchups, I was one of the few who thought Genki vs. Butterbean was a cool idea. When Tank announced his return to the UFC, Matt Hughes said that he'd like to fight him. It wasn't very realistic due to weight classes and commissions, but I was hoping they would make it happen somehow.

Other interesting (not?) match-ups could include:

  • Kid Yamamoto vs. Bob Sapp

  • Mark Homineck vs. CroCop

  • Rani Yahrya vs. Big Nog

it is more plausible in mma to be without weight classes...

the only guy's in boxing who have done it are PBF and RJJ... because of their speed...

now that mma is getting so skilled... only those who are truly prodigies can do this now...

but if this was on the street or in prison...there would be no weight classes...

I dont care what anyone tells you , but weight is a factor.. people say that great technical skills wins a fight! this is ture however. When you have a guy that is on the same or close to the same level as a much smaller guy, the the skill can be killed by size.. But iam not saying that the bigger guy always wins. He just has a bigger edge..

I think it becomes more of a factor as the weights go down. With the big guys, like was said above, it seems to be more of a style factor. As you get lighter 170 lb div, 155lb div, and on down it becomes a huge factor.

"the only guy's in boxing who have done it are PBF and RJJ... because of their speed..."

Henry Armstrong, Oscar de la Hoya, Bob Fitzsimmons and Sugar Ray Robinson disagree with you.