Weight Training and MMA

I am an MMA fighter. I used to fight at 225 and now I fight at 170. I am currently 184 lbs. However, my goal is to reach 175 walking around weight. I love and enjoy weight training, but I understand that muscle weighs more than fat. Is it possible if I weight train, up my cardio a little more, and eat healthy to get down to 175 whils still weight training?

30 - 40% decrease in weight used and 200 - 300% increase in reps.

Super heavy + lower reps = bulk

I'd say lift lighter weights for more reps...You would have to change your goals in weightlifting...You can maintain great strength lifting for reps...but you will also need to do cardio...

eating is important as well...How's your diet?

I have been eating healthy and everything, but i feel that i have reached my limit and my body has settled down on 184.

Maybe you should stay there and cut down to 175 for a fight...You could easily lose 10 lbs of water weight...

running decreases muscle mass? Is that true?

So bodybuilders do not run? How do they lose fat and stay ripped? What kind of cardio do they do to not lose muscle?

"So bodybuilders do not run? How do they lose fat and stay ripped? What kind of cardio do they do to not lose muscle?"

They have a very strict diet to begin with and they used the treadmill at a slow pace for extended periods of time. When I say a slow pace you heart rate should be sixty to seventy percent for fourty minutes at a minimum.

Lifting very heavy for 3-5 reps will not put size on you.  But it will increase your strength and power.

It just all depends on your goals.  But switching it up between power workouts and endurance workouts (20-50 reps) would be best.


get a kettlebell


"Lifting very heavy for 3-5 reps will not put size on you"

Can you explain a little more? I've heard that lifting 3-5 heavy is great for size and strength gains.

Body builders do lose some muscle when they start cutting for competition.

Body builders also max out on fat cutting agents that allows them to do some cardio without losing too much muscle...

Combine that with their extreme diets and viola!

I lived with a competitive body builder for a while...The diet those guys are on is crazy!

Weightlifting? Bah! Just throw people around.

"Super heavy + lower reps = bulk"

That is not true.

As long as you keep the volume relatively low you will not build much bulk.

Couture has a video on youtube, check it out

manfrommyyard has bench pressed the correct

Manfrommyyard basically answered the question.

And also, listen to Mikey. Randy's workout is a good one. It really kicks your ass. I have used that one several times when preparing for fights, as well as few simliar ones.

But circuit training like that is also excellent for MMA training.


link to Randy's workout??

Randy's workout