Weight Training during Practice

Here is a great video clip my dumbbell complex we did with a high school wrestling team tonight. Total workout time was 2:43 per set. I would do this 1-2 times a week for 2-3 sets. For coaches that like to weight train, you will be in and out of the gym in less than 15 minutes

We did this as a teaching workout so the weights were low but the effect was still great. Many of the wrestlers you well see dropping weights or falling out of place due to the demand this type of training puts on the system.




Thanx for the vid. I love quick and effective workouts that work both cardio and strenght.

Isn't this dumbbell complex a variation of Javorek's dumbbell complexes? I know Javorek, who was the Romanian Olympic Weightlifting teams headcoach, devised a bunch of dumbbell complexes and this looks like one of them.

thanks for sharing Mike. I incorporate that type of training. I only use 6exercises though, but do them ea. for 30sec. str8. rest 60 and repeat. Great workout.



Work it !


Cool. I also do similar stuff, but I usually start most movements from a squat position - every rep you touch the weights to the floor then explode back up. Do 5 or 6 exercises of 8-15 reps each. Gives you a killer workout.

thanks man

Can we say Javorek complexes?

Thats good stuff, thanks.

cool thanx.

i found out that Javorek's is based out of KCK and teaching at JCCC so I did alot of training with him. His stuff is great and his dumbbell complexes are great for MMA training.

I have not seen MIke's version but i will check it out when it finishes downloading - damn land line.

What sort of weight is on those dumbells? 6 reps is pretty low and I would consider that to be strength training rather than cardio, so are they heavy weights?

Yes this is a version of a Javorek complex.

Coach is a great guy and we talk all the time but i added in the lunges for sport specific training for grapplers