im entering a kickboxing competition i need to fall into the under 70kg category to be sure on going and haveing any chance of doing well. Howeveras things stand im about 73kg.

ive tried for 2 weeks to change my weight but it seems to go up and down.
I have 2 weeks left before the competition, whats the best way to make sure i fall under 70kg on the day.

i know its not alot of weight to loose. but how should i go about it.

I dont have much time to put into exercising, I'm already running a lot and my weight has fluctuated over the past two weeks.

I've been eating less too and it kind of worked but my weight is back over 70kg

replace all food with cocaine and cigarettes. ;-)

the weigh-in is on the day. Im a week off now. and im 70kg. Id still like to loose more just so that i know they wont count me as 70kg or over 70kg as a result.

that thread is great.