"Weightlifting for Combat" w/ Caleb Williams


 "builds your conditioning and your strength at the same time."

that's a metabolic exercise. if it is actually building strength, you've got serious strength issues and would be better suited to seperating strength training out and hitting the power rack for some real lifting.

but if you want a metabolic drill that has some good strength-endurance this isn't too bad.


Do you think sandbag lifting has a good transfer to "MMA strength". I know some people are weight room strong, but have difficulty applying it on the mat. I don't mean technique per se, but lifting people up, strength type moves.

 IMHO "MMA strength" is actually several factors like general strength, technical skill, speed, explosive power etc. so when you say you know someone is strong in the weight room but can;t apply it on the mat you know it's not his general strength, but clearly he's got other gaps that need the work (as a coach I'd wager that it's technique 99% of the time)

Sandbags are a good tool, just like a barbell, kettlebell, jump rope, etc etc.. I use a 100# grappling dummy all the time in both teaching skills and in S&C workouts.


What about someone like Rampage doing slams? Do you think he uses more technique than he is given credit for? I just assumed he was ungodly strong more than anything.

 yes there's certainly technique to slamming aside from just strength or else everyone would be doing it!

Watch these slams  and you'll see that before they get to the slam you've got to get into "the power position" with your hips under your shoulder and your legs stable under the hips.  and anyone who has ever lifted a heavy sandbag/grappling dummy, bag of grain/mulch, deadlifted, Greco-roman par tere'ed  can tell you this body position is fundamental for lifting power.

Awesome!! Thanks Bill!!


Great points Bull!

That's a great video, and a great exercise for conditioning. Certainly you'll build some strength-endurance, as Bull said, which has a lot of carryover to MMA. However, if lifting a sandbag is improving your max strength, you've got some serious deficiencies. I too would recommend loading up a barbell real heavy inside a power rack, putting it on the ground or on your back, and lifting it. Increase the horsepower!