WEights dont slow u down

If you lift five times a week plus do boxing six times a week and include speed drill do you think you'll lose hand speed?

I think you'll get an overtraining injury before you
find out.

yep way too much

too much...you mat lose speed because your muscles won't get any time to rest...

It's been my experience that weight training does not slow one down in terms of speed from point A to pont B, however it slows down ones ability to flow with combinations. This was my experience on several different occasions when I would add weight training while both boxing and kickboxing and it's been my experience as a trainer in both.

scuffler i think thats more a mental thing. Combos arent meant to be thrown with each punch 100% power, i think when u lift alot it changes your emphasis on power thus making ure combos slower. I dont think it is the actual weight lifting that messes with your speed.

That could be, although I sure tried to treat it as such and to overcome it. I never seemed to be able to have the same smooth flow while lifting. Very good point though.