Weirdo Gi?

anyone seen this one before?


Ogawa sure was a porker back in his Judo days.

I believe it is used in Europe quite a bit. Not sure about the European champs, but I know they used it in the EuroCup (I think that is the name).

That's an Abensberg team judo gi. I and several others on the list are proud owners of one of these gis thanks to Dynamo and his connections.

I wish the other teams on Euro Cup circuit would design team gis.

is it a quality gi or is it just a show piece?

"is it a quality gi or is it just a show piece? "
I would assume quality since the guys that participate in the EuroCup are excellent. I don't think you would want to compete against guys like Spitka, Demontfaucon, Gill, Pedro, etc in a junk gi.

It's a very well made double weave gi. Made by Kwon and I think Spaceman Spiff dubbed them the "Bumblebee" gis.

It's a quality gi and a "showpiece".

You guys seen Hapkido gis?

Has the same weave with the cross-stitching in white.

Mayby it's some Korea made gi.

Don't know, but it looks really similar.


That was a korean made gi which Ogawa wore to pay respect to his country...korea


It is a German Gi as Punk Dobbs explained. Make exclusively for the TSV Abensberg Team for the Europa Cup. Period.

It's not even Ogawa in the picture. It's Radu from Romania. There's a video of that competition. "Europa Club Cup" from Fighting Films.

Ever see those Psychedelic black & white gi's worn by the full contact karate guys in the 70's?

I saw the stitching and thought hapkido also.

didnt mean to imply that was supposed to be Ogawa, hes on the same video.

"That picture was taken just before Demonfaucon threw Radu on his back with yoko tomoe???"

You are absolutely correct. The best was Demontfaucon giving the ref the WTF? look for the shido right before it happened!