wazzup man! when you get a chance, would be awesome if you could share one of the kona training stories w/ us!

auryte! fctv


kj, in case you missed this one! van oscar's 1st mma fight.

hana hou

What's going on? I never knew there was Hawaii underground. Thanks for setting me up. Tell van keep up the good work


the HawaiiGround is pretty new. only 2 mos old--and still a baby. could use you here man. auryte!

wassup KJ? you did well over the weekend....the media was real happy with your interviews. great job.

hope to see you out here soon.

I was super mad this morning at the sherdog rankings. They got sherk who tested positive for steriods (cheater!) and is in the top 10. This guy cheated his way to the top and I feel like sherdog is promoting steriods and leaving him in the top 10 like it's ok. What's up with that? Maybe I'm just jealous i'm not in the top 10. Maybe if i do steriods they'll put me in there. lol!

KJ pics of hot ass groupies is a must for all MMA celebs visiting the HG. Jus thought you should know.

kj was under duress the other night and couldn't speak much on the topic of "groupies", but i have a feeling he may have an interesting story or two...



the man has also put a beating on leland for God's sake! :)

KJ, roids will just make you more upset about not being in the top 10.  I don't get their rankings sometimes.  I think you are definitely in the top 10 especially after Diaz.