Well cant the LWs move up to WW

in the UFC. I know several of the fighters like Matt Seara and Yves Edwards inititially started out fighting in the UFC at 155 lbs. You see it all the time where fighters change weight classes. Many of the LW fighters are naturally 10 to 20 lbs bigger then 155 lbs. Shit BJ has gone up 2 weight classes but hell thats BJ he is god.

Fuck it, man. Fuck this weight class shit. Make everyone move up to 206+ and let's just have one true champion. After all, plenty of guys cut weight. Why are people bitching?

I suppose they could, but they shouldn't have to. LW's are usually the most fun to watch as they are the most athletic and usually best conditioned. The UFC just needs to sign up more guys, have a championship and keep putting LW's on the main card. It's sad actually because Hermes, Thomson, Yves are all stellar LightWeights. Bring Sudo, Bang, Serra back and have them battle it out. C'mon now.

I've been saying this for the past 2 days.

as a little guy, its hard to put on that much weight and still be in peak condition. you also have to realize that a fighter who usually weighs 155 going up to 175 has a huge disadvantage to a guy who naturally weighs 185-195 and cuts to 175.

bj did it because he is an android.

Yeah, all those WWs should move up to MW, not, scratch that, they should all move up to LHW or HW. Thats all a true fan, who supports the sport, should need.

Ohh I can't wait! Instead of those exciting matchups with guys like Yves Edwards, Josh Thompson, Hermes Franca, we will be treated to an epic slobberknocker of Justin Eilers and Random Beefy White Mid Western Fighter #12 throwing sloppy punches and boring grappling. Man, I am excited about this!!!