Wes Simms is MMA's William Hung

Ok, lets be honest. Wes Simms is not sporting a good record in the UFC. 0-3 now. He does not have the greatest stand up, the best submissions, cardio, ect ect., but he has a strong fan base. LOL.

Shiloh placed it perfectly when he stated ," i mean i think he sucks as a fighter, lol, but he seems to be generally having a really fun time..lol like hes a big clown and this shit is all fun."

Both Hung and Simms are not the greatest in their respective fields, but both are #1 in my book.

I dont know how to explain it, but its like an enigma of sorts.

"I have no formal training. I did my best, and have not regrets."

--William Hung/Wes Sims

Wes is actually growing on me, he seemd to improve quite a bit in between the Mir and Kyle fights. Actually showed takedown defense and **gasp** submissions.

funny stuff

Simms has grown on me too.I cant wait to see him get killed again in the next UFC.

He sucks. I dont want to see someone having fun unless they are putting on a good fight. None of Wes's fights have been entertainment. Unless you call watching someone not defend themselves fun the yeh hay!!

If someone died then everyone would say what was he doing in there it was obvious he didnt have skills.

Best Simms bashing thread yet.Fucking hilarious.William Hung can probaly get more ass than Simms though.

I see an interesting correlation between Sims and Hammer House and the Movie "Kung-Pow! Legend of the Fist"

Master Tang(Mark Coleman): "This is Wimp Lo(Wes Sims). We have purposely trained him wrong...as a joke."

Wimp Lo(Wes Sims): "If you've got an ass I'll kick it!"

mods...is this type of thread allowed?




this wasnt an attempt to bash wes.

I was stating how someone with no wins in the octogan can have such a huge fanbase.

Everytime he gets in the octogan, its worth watching.

Thurgood,great job funniest Wes Simms bashing thread yet.Its kind of an insult though to William Hung He's gotta record deal.Whats Simms got show for himself.

MackDaddy, take your post about skid marks to the OG.

If I knew who William Hung was im sure this thread would be funnier.

I like Simms because he comes across as just some fuck up who thought he could do OK in the UFC with minimal training. The fact that real fighters havent just walked through him is why I like him. I think he appeals to some people for the same reason Tank Abbott appeals to some. The guy isnt a highly trained fighter but he can still get in there and throw down. Simms has huge potential appeal to the meatheads out there.

get lost you brawd

Sims and Hung = both not-so-skilled, both popular.

The similarity ends there however. People who like Sims genuinely like him. They cheer for him, they don't cheer for him to lose and lose so badly as to humiliate himself.

People love to laugh at the awkward, geeky, asexual, can't-speak-English yellow monkey jumping around trying to be sexy. William Hung is just another incarnation of sambo, dancing around to the delight of "massa."


Yellow Monkey comment was uncalled for.Racist

Sims is like what every UG member would be like as a fighter if they were 6'10.

Wes did good, he looked much improved in that fight and it's a shame his cardio wasn't up to it. Wes made fans out of everyone who watched the show with me.


can someone inbed that?

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I don't think Sims is so bad, but I think he should take some fights in the "Minor Leagues" (KOTC etc..) before coming back to the UFC.

However I loved his comment right before the fight started "One days notice and I'm going to kick this guys ass".... Indeed :)