Wes Sims selling Kimbo's hat on eBay


Scroll down to the description...


lol watch the bidding go up now that you posted it here..

Ryan MacLeod - That's not all he's selling on there.
More proof that Wes hasn't hit bottom.

lol @ the hulkamania shit he has bought


LOL at Wes buying UFC shirts off ebay, wtf?!?!

 Check out some of the other shit hes hocking.

Wes Sims weigh in undies

Zak Jensen practice knee pads

inf0 - Wes would be perfect for WWE..


I like how Kimbo signed the shin guard he is selling and put "305" below his name.




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Zak Jensen Practice Worn Knee Pads Ultimate Fighter 10

Item condition: --
Time left: 6 days 8 hours (Nov 11, 200920:00:33 PST)
Bid history: 0 bids


Starting bid: US $0.99  
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Zak Jenson Knee pads...MINE!


3 people have bid on his underwear??? WTF???

What is he smoking?

ebullock - 3 people have bid on his underwear??? WTF???

 What the fuck?

It's Wes Motherfucking Sims

That's what.

I want to own it all. I need to meet with my accountant to see if I can make this happen.

ttt for Big Wes to post on this thread.

why didn't you give the UG dibbs on them draws dude?

ohferfuxsakes -  ...doesn't surprise me that most here are laughing at his expense.

you don't think that Wes was laughing as he was putting his used underwear on ebay?

 I dont understand why Wes dont just sell that stuff here, minus the underware thing. I bet he'd get more

ttt for Wes

dude tries too hard to be funny on the show.  

I laughed at his ninja bit last week.