Wet sauna or dry sauna?

What's the Fuggen difference? Phone Post

Is one better than the other?

If you use both which one first? Phone Post

Wet sauna to purge toxins...dry sauna to relieve tension and stress as well as improve circulation. Some say that dry saunas are more tolerable than wet ones and you can stay in longer and therefore maximize the effectiveness.
Under no circumstance should you ever sauna with a Finn! They will drink vodka and hit you with sticks!

Interdasting...... Phone Post

What about mixing the two? Wet first then dry? Phone Post

i would go the other way...dry then wet.

Thanks! I'll give that a try. Phone Post

I tried Bas Rutten shadow boxing in the dry sauna once and almost passed out.

Good times! Phone Post

didn't your balls hurt from slapping around?

both have therapeutic effects

dry sauna is usually hotter and of course much dryer, so you may get more of a sweat, when fighters cut weight, they usually go to the dry sauna with their sweat suits.

wet sauna has a higher humidity, perfect if you have a cough or cold, go into a wet sauna and you'll hack that shit up real good. also good for detox while hung over...

KyokushinCatch - sauna with a Russian, he'll give you a massage

former soviet sports program, so he'll know what he's doing

no romo though

Gangnam Style Psy does dry sauna, makes him dance better

dry sauna at kapiolani 24hr. ball sweat. :(

I usually do wet then dry but I tried the opposite the other day and I felt like I couldn't hang in there as long.

I rubbed one out in the wet sauna and almost fainted. Don't do this my friends. Very dangerous. Phone Post

When I went to Japan with Jason for DREAM 9, Ryan Parsons had this hot tub, cold tub, wet sauna, dry sauna routine he was making Jason do for his weight cutting but I can't for the life of me remember it.

24 Fitness Bishop has the Wet and Dry sauna by the wimminz bathroom. FYI

Less Romos in there than the one at Kapiolani Phone Post