WFA Question on fight language

So this is probably WFA but I'll try my luck anyway.


In a recent(latest?) episode of TUF Frankie explains who will be fighing who and he says somehting like "Johnny VERS Mikey".


So my serious question, as a dumb swede, is if it's correct to say what I assume to be VERSUS like that and if it's an accepted shortening of the word.


I've also noticed NY Rick on the MMA hour do the same.


Thanks for any serious answers.


I don't think that it's technically "correct," but it's become accepted because it's pretty common. I don't know.

FYI : I am also dumb, but American. Phone Post 3.0

Grammatically speaking it's wrong, but people use it conversationally a lot. It always sounds dumb to me, but I'm sure I'm in a very small minority.

Thanks a lot guys.


Yeah it doesn't sound right to me.


VU's for you both.

Could be the "joisey" ( New Jersey) accent Phone Post 3.0

Johnny verse Mikey is a pretty common shortening of versus. Probably because of the vs. abbreviation. Not necessarily correct, but common.

Thanks to you two as well and VU's.

Yeah it's the American way. We're too lazy to say whole words properly, so we try to shorten even the simplest words into one syllable.

With that said, I've never said fighter verse fighter. It's always versus for me. Phone Post 3.0

Hehe, versus sounds much better. And VU for you as well.