WFC promoter = scumbag

Just wanted to add another scumbag to the "do not have anything to do with" list. His silly assumed name: Gino Carlucci. This scam artist runs the show that the UFC sued and won against not too long ago for infringment. Anyway, without going into the fine details of the matter, this asshole stiffed me out of more than $2G's. I know for a fact that he has screwed other people as well. More than enough to be deemed a "MMA crook". He may not be as bad as some but he's a schemer none the less.

I doubt this thief will try to promote another show here in CO after his many failures. Should he try to run a show in another state, stay far away from him. Aside from his shadiness in the MMA community, you can find other scams he's been involved with by running a simple search on his name. He's out of AZ.

This is one of the guys that Dana White classifies as "a knucklehead with two nickles to rub together trying to make a quick buck in this sport".

Countdown 'til I here from this scumbag's

that sucks to hear. it makes you that more appreciative of the good
promoters out there. you coming down for the next no love show?
haven't seen you in a long time. hope all is going well for you (aside from
this guy screwing you over).

those guys suck. major scumbags.

sorry to hear that they ripped you off bro.

acf are crooks too- I went to Denver to see Kerr fight, or when he was suppose to fight sim's.  They were such loosers about making the announcement and then they got in the ring and said "if anyone wants a refund you have 10 minutes to get to the box office" they are crooks and they rip fighters off too

Gino has always done right by me...

Here is an example...

He was looking for a last minute fighter to fight against Noah Thomas...

At the time Gino had a "Matchmaker" helping with the fights.

The matchmaker agreed to have Robert Emerson (you'll be hearing that name REAL SOON) fight.

Emerson was waiting on the airline tixs when I recieved a call from Gino saying the fight was already booked and that he no longer needed to use Emerson.

I explained how Emerson had worked his schedule to take the last minute fight, and how he was NOW going to use the money to pay bills...

Long story short Carluchi paid Emerson his show purse even though he didn't fight.

...I can only speak from my own experince...

but he went out of the way to make things right.

The ACF~~~> with Rico Vecc...was a scumbag for sure.

Carluci was the same guy who claimed Shannon Ritch took from him. Shannon told me all along he was not a good guy.

gosh here I thought his name was Gene Odice - I must have them confused.

tried to warn you guys he was a pos.... I guess that's why the FBI contacted Skip regarding other situations with him and the AC.  maybe it'll take two years to do a sting like it did with a few doing some jail time - maybe not.

I'm just sorry you got screwed in the process.  call us sometime - still plan on doing the dvd when we have some time.

later, Sally

As I expected this schmuck is going to try to squeeze money out of me by taking ME to court. Isn't that ironic. This idiot has no idea of my resolve in this matter.

Ray, the sun shines on even a dogs ass sometimes. There won't be many willing to support him.

Hey Sally, good to hear from you. I thought I read somewhere that his real name was something else. Anyway you spell it = scumbag.

gino carlucci - or gene odice - look it up.

and you have mail.

later, Sally