WFF 6 Results and thoughts

First off I want to thank everyone that helped make the WFF 6 a success, all the Fighters: Tim Jenson, Ben Greer, Trevor Schmidt, Nick Perry, Brad Cardinal, Jamie Rennie, Jamie Varner, Garrett Davis, John Louro, Antonio Carvalho, Mike Adams, Shannon Rennie, Drew Fickett, Fabio Cavalcante, Jason Day and Ulisses Castro. Coaches: David Lea, Brian Bird, Nick Ring, Corey from Cobra Kai, Shah Franco, Mr. Gelinas, Ross from the Boiler Room, Greg Allen, Mehdi From KB-1. Officials and staff: My wife Amanda, Bob Shabaga, Coor's Light ring girls, John Cooper, Cody Dillman, Kelly McMahon, Kris McMahon, Tony Williamson, The Butcher Bill Mahood, and anyone else I didn't mention, thank you.
The fighters were an amazing group of guys, and were ready to battle!

The first fight of the night was in the Welterweight division. Tim Jenson of Toshido Submission Fighting vs. Ben Greer of KB 1 Kickboxing.
The fight started quickly and ended up on the ground with Jenson catching Greer from the bottom in an arm bar, Greer successfully defended. Jenson then went to the other arm and flattened Greer to his stomach, finishing him in the first round.
The second fight of the night was a Heavyweight match between Nick Perry of Cobra Kai vs. Trevor Schmidt. This fight was stopped quickly after Nick Perry mounted Trevor Schmidt and started reigning down hammer fists to Trevor's head.
The third fight was in the Welterweight division: Jamie Rennie of the Boiler Room vs. Brad Cardinal of National Jui- Jitsu. Rennie started the fight very aggressively, with hard punches and a takedown. Rennie then proceeded to continue the aggression towards Cardinal, throwing punches in the guard. Cardinal timed the punches, and caught Rennie with an arm bar from the bottom in the first round. Cardinal showed great composure under the pressure from Rennie; and the arm lock was well timed, and very quick.
The fourth fight of the night was in the Middleweight division. Jamie Varner, Drew Fickett's corner man and training partner, squared off against Garrett Davis from Marcus Soares Jui Jitsu. They locked up and with back and forth knees in the clench, Davis ended up pushing Varner into a corner. Varner worked his way out and threw a few kicks, low to the leg connecting, and high to the head, not connecting. They locked up again and Davis got a takedown. Varner having the guard, worked a triangle. Davis picked up Varner and slammed him on his back, tightening Varver's choke. Varner defeated Davis in the first as well.
The fifth fight was in the Lightweight division. John Louro of National Jiu Jitsu fought Antonio Carvalho from Franco/Bering. This fight started with a bang as Carvalho showed his quickness with a snappy high kick to Louro's head, which was defended well. They locked up immediately and Carvlho got the under hooks and lifted Louro off the ground. Louro defended the throw while being held in the air by Carvalho, by hooking his legs in, and attempting a guillotine simultaneously. Carvalho completed the throw after some time and got to mount. Louro turned under him and Carvalho slipped to the side and sunk a rear "Newton/Militich" style choke.
The Sixth fight of the night was in the Welterweight division. Mike Adams of Toshido Submission Fighting fought Shannon Rennie from the Boiler Room. This fight stated quickly, with the two exchanging punches early, Adams completing a takedown. Rennie scrambled to his feet and the exchange started again. Adams threw a hard kick low and after a brief pause in the exchange threw another kick to Rennie's jaw. Adams won by KO in the first round.

The seventh fight was in the Middleweight division. Drew Fickett vs Fabio Cavalcante. Through out the fight it looked as though it could have gone either way. Fickett Started with stiff punches, and Cavalcante got him to the ground. At one point Fickett returned to his feet and let Cavancante to his feet as well. Fickett threw a few more punches and Cavalcante got Fickett to the groung again. They fought over a Kimura that Cavalcante had on Fickett for some time, with many reversals happening while the Kimura was being applied. Both guys were showing amazing ground skills, it looked awesome. The round ended. This was the only fight of the night to make iot to round two. Again, Fickett went in with punches, and Cavalcante got Fickett to the ground. In the scramble, Fickett got to Cavalcante's back, After he applied the choke, it was over. Fickett won in round two, rear naked choke.
The final fight of the night was a Super Heavyweight match up between Ulisses Castro and Jason Day. The fight was over quickly. Jason Day started out with a flying knee, not connecting. They two fighters wrestled on there feet briefly. Castro got Day to the ground, and while hitting him, Day turned his back underneath Castro. Castro got his hooks in and threw three more punches. Castro wins by KO in the first.

On another note, Travis Fulton could not make it to the show. This was an unavoidable situation, due to the weather. I do not hold anyone responsible for what happened, it just sucked regardless. Two days in a row, the weather did not permit Mr. Fulton to fly to Canada. We will see him at the next show.
All in all, I thought it was a great night of fights and can't wait for the next show, July 23rd.

WFF President,

Jason Towns

Mr. Towns
Congrats on the show.
I am happy to see the WFF in Vancouver. I hope to attend your next event and I am sorry I could not go to this one.

Will the July 23 show be at the same venue?

Thanks and see you on July 23rd.

Jason, you worked harder than anyone. It was a good time for all who got to be there. I'll see you at the next one.

Thanks guys.
Yes the next show will be at the Croatian Cultural Center again, 3250 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC.

Congrats on a succesful show Jason I will make the next one for sure

Good show Jason. I hope we can get a few Franco-Behring guys on the card for the 23rd. I look forward to the next WFF.

Thanks again guys,

Congrats my man...I've heard nothing but rave reviews. All the hard work you put in has paid off.

If I'm right, you're probably gonna take a few weeks off, regroup, fix any leaks, and come back stronger than ever.

Continued success my man.

Jason Towns,

On behalf of Fabio Holanda and myself I would like to thank you very much for having us on your show. It was painful to lose but you kept everything on such a professional level it was a pleasure working with you.

All tyhe best on all your upcoming events.

Philip Gelinas