What am I not seeing?

How the fuck does Benson keep winning these fights he blatantly loses? Phone Post

theyre always super close

Clearly 49-46 Bendo rolls eyes
Fucking bullshit. The judge who gave him four rounds should be set on fire. Phone Post 3.0

he easily outstruck Josh sure he was in some bad spots but offensively it was mostly Ben.

He didn't blatantly lose, controlled the center of the ring and matched Thomson everywhere. Even did more damage from the bottom and landed more significant strikes.

He blatantly lost to Gil. Phone Post 3.0

I have the weirdest feeling we'd be seeing these identical threads outraged at Ben getting the decision if he'd been the one getting takedowns that led to nothing, and Josh had been the one moving forward constantly with punches and kicks.

You are not seeing reality apparently.