what are you guys doing today?

me, pretty much nothing. i just woke up an hour ago. holy moly.

Nothing :(

Go to the market for groceries.

Reload .308 168 match for this weekend.

Await the arrival of my torturous sister-in-law and family.

Wish I could go goat hunting on Polipoli (Maui)

I just got up. Probably going to do a family get together, but no clue. Ideally, eat some good food.

Practice leglocks.

submitone - Practice leglocks.

Always a good time.

oh brutha.

working on Icon event

Stuck in Canada, no 4th of July up here.

heading out to the floatilla now. for anyone unaware, this is probably the best party of the year in Hawaii.

Rocking out to the Blue Hearts has been added.


woke up about 45mins ago.

feel like smashing stacks and stacks of hamburgers.

4am-3pm = Day Job

4pm-5/5:30ish = 24fitness Kapiolani for cardio

6-sleep = "family time" because the GF's Mom is in town and staying with us.

oh Jesus i can smell my neighbors grilling.

 me and my daughter are camping @ Malaekahana with clients

Getting ready to call the cops on anyone who bursts fireworks after 9:00pm

Kill joy

.... puts fireworks away and waits for New Years

ps. i hate fireworks. pollution imo

I love driving down narrow streets like Ewa Beach road when the fireworks are going off. These kids don't give you a chance to pass by, they literally toss the fireworks at your car.

Where's the fucking respect nowadays?

i was gonna go for a bike ride this afternoon, but am afraid of drunk drivers. people drink pretty heavy on July 4, yeah?

imma go see if i can find parking for Teddys.