What are you thankful for?

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                                What are you thankful for?

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 Well I was going to say my family but I can't stop staring at that picture

Loadin76 -  Well I was going to say my family but I can't stop staring at that picture

 lol I was gonna do that same, hence my reply was boobs.

 Right now, I am thankful that I saw that

 I'm thankful that my bonch is in good health.

My cousins baby is actually coming home tomorrow after being born 24 weeks premature, so I guess that's what I'm thankful for. Phone Post

All you guys thanks ug! Phone Post

Thankful for the blue name someone gave me!

Family, friends, great life and good-ish health. Phone Post

 Id be alot more thankful if Bras were un-invented.... And Im thankful for the O.P.

Have a happy and happy guys....

successful surgery 2 weeks ago

Crooklyn - Booze, Bacon, Boobies

The 3 B's of healthy living :) 

This :) Phone Post

Thankful for my children, family, friends, job, faith and home.

Special thanks to everyone here for providing years of entertainment and a great place to talk MMA and other stuff.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone!

voorhees - Thankful for the blue name someone gave me!

The UG is full of good people. I'm thankful for the UG which has provided me many wasted but entertaining hours as well as many quality people I've met in real life or just in cyberspace. 2 are on this thread already...Kirik hooked me up with 2 years of blue for providing a fighter with entrance music and Crooklyn hooked it up with WEC tickets. Both get a lifetime worth of thumbs up from me :) I hope I've given back some as well (giving away dark era UFC dvds, and other goodies)

Onward to 30k posts I go...

I'm thankful for my great paying job that I love, my new guns that arrive in a few days, my awesome wifey, and all my family and friends. And for my surgeries going good so I no longer have a hernia and a bad pair of man titties!!! Phone Post

Rychek -  I am Thankful for MMA; the best sport ever created.

Thank you again, Anarkis!

Also thankful for good health, good family and good friends. Phone Post

 Although I have to work today atleast I am not deployed this year. And will be able to be with my family for the holidays.

Mma.tv Phone Post

mattmc -  Mma.tv Phone Post