What are your fantasy fights right now?

Going across weight classes, who would you like to see fight right now? My picks:

Holloway vs O’Malley
Poirier vs Colby
Izzy Perreira 3 at 205
Usman vs Whittaker

These are mostly guys I don’t see getting another title shot any time soon, other than Colby’s obvious payoff. I wish the UFC would do more good matchups like this rather than letting them continually knockoff interesting contenders.

I added Izzy Perreira 3 too because it’s an obvious one but I didn’t want to omit it.

Poirier v Colby is on your fantasy list?

You must REALLY love watching dudes get held against the cage.

I just want to see a Pancrase rules event again

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Volk v. Gaethje

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Islam vs Chimaev

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Conor vs Chandler (i know, I’m dreaming)
Chimaev vs Costa
Yan/Aljo 2
Ian Garry vs a polar bear

Why’d you give me the clown reaction for my selection you asshole

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We already saw this fight you fucken casual Yan won 48-47 but was robbed

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ah shit. i fucked that bit up.

I’d rather see Holloway vs Do Bronx rematch.


I specifically said cross weight and you fucktards still can’t keep Yan’s balls out of your mouths.


Only one person mentioned Yan and it wasn’t me

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut now that you mention it

Petr Yan v. Mighty Mouse Johnson

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fuck you, midget-chaser


Sergei vs Bones