What catch style submissions do you use?

Shinlocks, wrist locks, slicers? How often do you use them?

I use hammerlocks A LOT. Also love cradle attacks, like What Neil Melanson calls the Butcher Shoppe.

But I guess it all depends how you define catch, and not like any discipline has a monopoly on any move. I just mentioned those two because they’re very common in folk style, a clear descendant of catch.

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I mean nasty submissions that people complain about in jiu jitsu, stuff that would get you labeled an asshole but are effective

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Double wrist locks over bjj style kimuras and Americanas.

Passing with cradles.

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I agree with HillboFrateTrane, I like the DWL (using a thumb grip, adding a twist, making sure I’m grabbing the end of the lever) over the traditional BJJ kimura. Also the Grovit as a choke, it gets a quick tap.